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-Puppetry & Dollmaking-

 Alexander Mergold


Alexander is one of the teachers in Natalia's Art School, who masters in the art of puppetry and doll-making. He previously studied ballet in Moscow, and has been always interested in dolls. He came to Canada from Israel 11 years ago where he owned an Art Studio in Rishon Le Zion, a large city just south of Tel Aviv where he worked as a full time doll-artist, creating one-of-a kind dolls since 1989. Alexander makes dolls for collectors, portrait dolls, puppets and theatrical figures.


His commissioned work is generally created after series of conversations, or basic sketches provided by client, but the sculpts that come from his imagination are perhaps the most demanding of all. Passionate about sculpture and the history of cloth, Mergold favors the Gothic and Renaissance periods, and is also a fan of Salvador Dali's artwork and writing. Several modern, Several modern doll artists inspire him, including Lisa Lichenfels, Jodi and Richard Creager and Van Craig. 


Alexander spends his time teaching doll-making techniques but his passion lies in the creation of dolls, which usually range in size from 2 to 40 inches. He works with polymer clay, air-dry clay epoxy or papier- mache. He uses mohair or synthetic hair for wigs and his doll's eyes are created from pre-baked half balls of white Fimo that are painted with acrylics. 

"Follow your passion and if you do anything, put your best effort into it! "

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